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  • WARNORD Fun Op 29 OCT 21 - Operation "They read some Field Manuals"

    Op time: 1900 EST

    Theme: Low-budget multi-national PMC
    Time: Daytime
    Extra gear: Mine detectors; cable ties
    OPFOR: Eastern european/Western asian/Caucasus militia


    6x HMMWV (Unarmed - NATO leftovers)

    Dress code/Gear guidelines:

    Wear whatever you want. You're a PMC. This includes jeans, cargo pants, uniform from your former/favorite unit and/or national army (at your own risk), etc...

    As for gear (weapons, accessories and vests), grab anything that is avaliable to purschase on the civilian market on 2021 to a self-funded aspiring mercenary-wannabe or that would be easily/legally kept from the member's previous military service (e.g., some countries allow former military personnel to buy or keep their service rifle).



    TaskForce 69 is a low-budget, up-and-coming PMC that was the lowest bidder for the [REDACTED] government in [EASTERN EUROPE/WESTERN ASIA/CAUCASUS] contract for additional support, training, and consulting for the newly established government military.

    Since the government rose to power last year, it has been unable (or unwilling) to promote the significant reforms it proposed to its supporters during the previous civil war. As social and political tensions arrises due to the continuous decline of living standards of the population, former partisans began to organize themselves to fight what they call "treacherous government" (e.g., our employer). The newly reformed militia force even managed to amass several deserters from the armed forces.

    The local intelligence agency managed to narrow down a possible smuggling route for military hardware near the border northwest of Vybor. TaskForce 69 current mission is to sweep the area (OBJ NICHOLAS CAGE) for any intel on the smuggling operation and the militia's whereabouts. Depending on the intel we gather, we are to move to any militia compound, camp, cache, or stash in the AO and destroy it.

    RoE: Clear to engage any military-aged male open carrying military-grade firearms. Most of the gear should be former ComBlock material, but there's a possibility of the militia having access to left-over NATO equipment. Refrain from opening fire on unarmed personnel, even if interacting with the militia forces.



    Map of the AO




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