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  • WARNORD Fun Op 26 NOV 21 - Operation "Atlantean Wrath"

    Op time: 1900 EST

    Theme: US Navy SEALs

    Time: Nightime

    Extra gear:

    • Mine detectors
    • Demo blocks (lots of them)
    • Long-range detonator (2 km)
    • Low light compatible equipment (PEQs, NVGs, NVG compatible optics, IR strobes)
    • Laser designators
    • Suppressors

    OPFOR: Syrian Armed Forces

    Assets: CAS and reinforcements will be available after the radar station, and comms towers are destroyed.

    Dress code/Gear guidelines:

    Since insertion will be made through the water with small subs, initially, the team will be wearing wetsuits without backpacks and vests but carrying their weapon system of choice. However, before the operation starts, everyone must make their inland fighting gear and save that loadout for fast access through an Arsenal.

    After the teams land on the beach and secure a foothold on land, there will be Arsenals available for the team members to load their previously saved gear.

    Camo patterns: AOR 2, Multicam or throw your vest over the wetsuit as a badass

    Gear: Contemporary US military equipment



    The element task is to destroy all comm towers (OBJ SHUT UP; OBJ MOUTHPIECE; OBJ BALL GAG), radar stations (OBJ BLACKOUT), and enemy anti-air assets. Since the enemy forces have 2 QRFs, plus units stationed at the occupied town of Agia Marina and also a FOB (OBJ RINGING EARS), the detonations must be simultaneous to avoid the mobilization of said QRFs and alert the remaining forces on the island.

    After destroying all the comm towers and radar stations, the element will support the assault at the Stratis Air Base (OBJ TOUCHDOWN). The team must utilize laser designators to call airstrikes on high-priority targets and receive reinforcements from US Paratroopers.

    Myrmidon 1 and Myrmidon 2 will depart from FOB CASTAWAY and head south towards DM Sandy Crack and DM Salty Crack. The element must be split into two teams and do a synchronized assault on OBJ RINGING EARS (enemy FOB), and OBJ SHUT UP to avoid alerting the remaining enemy forces. After both OBJ SHUT UP and OBJ RINGING EARS are silenced, both teams are to rendezvous nearby OBJ BLACKOUT and proceed with the mission as the leadership sees fit.


    RoE: Clear to engage any military-aged male open carrying military-grade firearms. Most of the enemy equipment should be former ComBlock/Russian material or similar.




    Map of the AO



    Detailed map of the ground targets and QRFs



    IR/Heat image from OBJ TOUCHDOWN



    Overall view of OBJ TOUCHDOWN

    • Edited by CPL C.Moalli


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