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  • WARNORD Fun Op 10 DEC 21 - Operation "If Pathfinding was a thing"

    Op time: 1900 EST

    Theme: US Special Forces ODA with attached USAF CCT

    Time: Nightime

    Extra gear:

    • M19 Anti-tank mines;
    • M18A1 Claymore mines;
    • Low light compatible equipment ( PEQs, NVGs, NVG compatible optics, IR strobes);
    • Laser designators;
    • Suppressors;
    • MS IFF STROBE and IR Chemlights;
    • At least 1x long-range radio (AN/ARC-210), preferably 2x;


    OPFOR:  Russian Armed Forces and local militias/looters

    Assets: 1x C-130 for insertion (HALO jump)


    Dress code/Gear guidelines:

    After you complete your loadout at the Arsenal, put your backpack in your chest (bottom icon on the left side of the screen), go back to the backpack selection tab and select the STEERABLE PARACHUTE.

    Camo patterns: Multicam

    Gear: Contemporary and near-future US military equipment (mission set on 2025)


    Mission specific suggestions:

    Knowing that this operation requires organized movement, speed, and stealth and that it will have a time limit of 2 hours and 45 minutes, I recommende that all players read this briefing carefully. Also, it is highly advised that one or two players are already going to the mission willing to take leadership positions since coordinated action will be essential.



    Following Russia's assault on Western Europe, NATO forces are finally ready to start their counteroffensive. Russian Armed Forces managed to push roughly up to Hanover at the moment.


    The US military and its allies will simultaneously conduct several ground attacks and airborne operations on the frontlines, with an airborne assault at the Rosche region, Lower Saxony, Germany, being one of them.


    A USAF C-130 will insert the team via HALO jump (general guidelines below) around the INSERTION area at the NW of the AO, northwest of Masendorf.


    During this operation, the team must remain undetected, as you will be deep within enemy territory (more details on the RoE section).


    This pathfinding operation has three primary objectives that will enable said airborne assault and three secondary OBJ's that will facilitate the main force assault on Rosche:



    Overview of the AO


    Primary Objectives:

    • Scout the surroundings of the three pre-designated Drop Zones (OPTIONS 1 to 3) and select one of them as the designated DZ for the main force. The potential DZ's are set already with their priorities in order by high command, being OPTION 1 the preferred DZ and OPTION 3 the last-ditch DZ. The parameters and conditions that make a DZ viable or not will be listed below;
    • Once a Drop Zone is chosen as viable, mark it and place IR strobes on the area for visual identification for the airborne operation;
    • Move to OBJ WATCHTOWER (a construction site) and set up an observation/comms post to further assist the main attack force during the assault.



    Detail of the easter section of the AO


    Secondary Objectives:

    • Gather intel on the enemy forces present at the AO, marking their locations, size, and compositions;
    • Set M19 anti-tank mines at the four marked bridges on the western section of the AO (just East of Flughafen). This will hinder the capabilities of the enemy's main force to reinforce the area during the assault;
    • Set M19 anti-tank mines and M18A1 Claymores at the designated points at the main roads. This will make the movement of OPFOR already at the AO harder during the assault.



    Detail of the western section of the AO



    Viability conditions for a Drop Zone:

    • The team first must scout the points of interest surrounding the OPTIONS DZ's. If those PoI's contains heavy armor (main battle tanks or multiple IFVs. APCs are acceptable), anti-air assets, or several static emplacements that could quickly shoot down the troops while parachuting, the team must call off that DZ.
    • OPTION 1 PoI: Jarlitz (NE) and Ratzlingen (SW);
    • OPTION 2 PoI: Nateln (NW) and Batensen (SW);
    • OPTION 3 PoI: Schlieckau (NE).


    HALO jump guidelines:

    • Every team member must have a STEERABLE PARACHUTE equipped on their backpack slot before entering the airplane;
    • The INSERTION drop zone is located roughly 10 kilometers straight South of the airstrip;
    • Double tab "V" to eject from the plane and start the free fall jump;
    • The team should make the jump from an altitude of approximately 2,000 meters (6,561 feet);
    • The parachute opening must be made at around 300 meters (984 feet). To check the altitude, you can use the HUD on the top left corner of the screen or equip an altimeter watch and check your altitude as you drop (default keybind to check watch is the letter "O").


    Rules of Engagement (RoE):

    This mission requires that the team remain undeteced from Russian Forces, that means the team should refrain from engaging any contact, unless in self-defense when breaking contact is impossible. However, there have been hostilities between russians and local militas and looters. As long as the team is not positively identified as NATO/US forces, the Russian Forces can understand that those militias engaged their men.


    If Russian Forces are engaged, the team must wipe the enemy element swiftly, in a way that the enemy forces can't possitively ID the team as NATO/US forces and be on heightened alert


    As already said, there are militia forces and looters active at the AO, and they are not coordenated or have direct contact with Russian Forces. That means those militias can be engage if they are directly at a objective or close to the best possible route to a OBJ.


    The team must avoid the use of explosives and frag granades.

    • Edited by CPL C.Moalli


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