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  • WARNORD Fun Op 07 JAN 22 - Operation "Redemption"

    Op time: 1900 EST

    Theme: NATO Forces in eastern Europe

    Time: Early morning

    Extra gear:

    • Body bags;
    • Cable ties;
    • At least 1x long-range radio for coordination with the air element

    OPFOR:  Eastern European militia


    • 1x UH-60 Black Hawk;
    • 1x CH-47 Chinook;
    • 4x HMMWV


    • General-purpose shot range frequency: 100
    • Air element long-range frequency: 69


    Dress code/Gear guidelines:

    Camo patterns: Multicam/Scorpion, Flecktarn, Wz. 93 (polish), any other NATO member camo pattern compatible with the woodland environment.

    Gear: Contemporary US military and NATO equipment.


    Mission specific suggestions:

    The team will need to check several points of interest to complete the mission. If the team chooses to use the Black Hawk or the Chinook to move between the PoI's, there's a waiting/loitering zone that command designated so the bird can wait while on air. Also, don't forget that the extraction of hostages and HVT is the heart of this mission.



    Several paramilitary groups have been attacking the Livonian government in the last few days. The militia forces assaulted several villages and towns, burning or occupying government buildings. Several high-profile members of the Livonian government, police forces, and military are either missing, confirmed killed, or taken hostage.

    ACO mobilized NATO forces from neighboring Poland to assist the ailing Livonian government in retaking the country's control. No support from the Livonian military is expected at the moment; they lost several key individuals from their CoC during the initial attacks, rendering their forces undeployable.

    The team's mission is to locate and extract 3 HVT: Czcibor Wozniak (regional governor), Dodek Kaminski (commander of the local police forces), and Dobroslaw Kowalski (commander of the Livonian army stationed in the province). Those are essential personnel to reinstate order in the region and mobilize the Livonian military against the militia forces.

    The intel obtained from the remnants of the regional police forces is that the militia forces occupied most of the towns in the region. Also, some people who successfully escaped captivity informed that the main detention center is at the center of a city near a church.

    The team will move out from FOB SWAT, located in the north of the AO, and search for the HVT. With the intel obtained, four possible locations for the detention center were defined: OBJ POLICE, OBJ GROUND BRANCH, OBJ RIOT TROOP, and OBJ DOOR KICKERS.


    Primary Objectives:

    • Locate and extract (alive) the 3 HVT: Czcibor Wozniak (regional governor); Dodek Kaminski (commander of the local police forces); Dobroslaw Kowalski (commander of the Livonian army stationed in the province).


    Secondary Objectives:

    • Locate and extract any other civilian prisoner, detained police officer, or Livonian military personnel;
    • Eliminate militia forces currently holding strategic positions or detaining hostages;
    • Verify any evidence of the execution of civilians, police officers and secure the area for further investigation by UN personnel.



    Map of the AO



    Detail of the 4 possible locations for the detention center

    Rules of Engagement (RoE):

    Initially, the team is on weapons hold.

    If engaged, you are allowed to return immediate and effective fire to stop the hostile act promptly.

    Although reduced, there is confirmed civilian presence in the region, so positive identification of targets before engaging is essential.

    The militia forces most commonly mismatched military fatigues, equipment from the old soviet block (AK variants, SVD, DShK, Urals, etc.). Still, they rarely can be seen carrying captured old NATO equipment (M16, old M4 variants, etc.)

    Considering we are dealing with a hostage situation, favor flashbangs and refrain from using frag grenades in closed environments or explosive breaching methods into buildings.


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