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  • WARNORD Fun Op 21 JAN 22

    WARNORD Fun Op 21JAN22

    Mission: Miranda


    In the aftermath of the Chernarussian Civil War, organized criminals took advantage of political instability and economic depression to buy up many industries and business concerns. Corruption is rife in peacetime Chernarus, and oligarchs break the law with virtual impunity. The average citizen is partially complicit, as many necessities are available only on the black market, but most people have had enough. Chernarussians want law and order.
    The Chernarus National Police has bolstered its presence in South Zagoria, with President Skala authorizing an aggressive sweep of the region. Law enforcement officers are authorized to establish checkpoints, conduct stings, and raid locations suspected of use in criminal activities.

    2. MISSION

    The Chernarus National Police garrison in Chernogorsk is ordered to organize and carry out a dragnet across the coastal area. Officers are to focus on disruption of organized crime, drug manufacturing and sales, weapons proliferation, and human trafficking. Take custody of all suspects and contraband and transport them to CNP HQ in Chernogorsk for further investigation and prosecution.

    Be advised that CDF and NATO peacekeepers are active in the AO. While they may potentially be of assistance in criminal investigations, you are not to interfere with their security operations under any circumstances.



            1. Taskforce Krok, Chernarussian National Police


            1. Standard CNP Equipment


            1. Police Offroad Vehicles
            2. 2x Police Boat

        (d) TIME SCHEDULE

            1. Step Brief 1845
            2. Oscar Mike 1900


        (a) Special Equipment - Use as necessary for dragnet

    5. INTEL

        (a) Map of the AO


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