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  • WARNORD Fun Op 28 JAN 22

    WARNORD Fun Op 28JAN22

    Operation: Eagle Eye


    Years into the breakup of Yugoslavia, mass killings have flared again in the aftermath of a fragile peace. Tensions are boiling over in Kosovo, with Serbs and Kosovar Albanians forces massacring  civilians at an shocking rate. In the wake of this bloodshed, the United Nations has ratified UN Security Council resolution 1203, and called the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and NATO to conduct further verification missions within Kosovo.
    In addition to US and other NATO forces, Russian Army peacekeepers also maintain bases in the area. Yugoslavian Army and Serbian Army forces maintain a single joint base, which they are dismantling and vacating. There are several insurgent groups operating locally, most notably the Kosovo Liberation Army, and a growing network of Serb militia. The ceasefire has largely been ineffective, and firefights between Yugoslavian/Serbian forces and Kosovar Albanians militants occur with increasing frequency. However, it is the civilian populations who are bearing the brunt of the most recent violence.
    Deployed as part of the US contingent to the Kosovo Verification Mission, ODA 169 has gone native in order to closely monitor the Yugoslavian Army withdrawal from Kosovo.

    2. MISSION

    Monitor compliance with UN ceasefire agreement during the withdrawal of Serbian and Yugoslavian armed forces. Safeguard civilians and support local law enforcement. Gain intelligence on militant groups and activities. Ensure unauthorized checkpoints are cleared and transportation routes open.



            1. ODA 169, 10th SFG


            1. Standard US Army Equipment


            1. Local Weapons and Equipment
            2. 4x Civilian Vehicles

        (d) TIME SCHEDULE

            1. Step Brief 1845
            2. Oscar Mike 1900


        (a) Special Equipment - Use as necessary for operations

    5. INTEL

        (a) Map of the AO


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