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  • WARNORD Fun Op 04 FEB 22 - Operation " Lost and found"

    Op time: 1900 EST

    Theme: PMC in the Middle East

    Time: Early morning

    Extra gear:

    • Body bags;
    • Cable ties;
    • At least 1x long-range radio for coordination with the air element

    OPFOR:  Middle Eastern militia


    • 2x MH-6 Little Bird;
    • 2x Mi-8AMT;
    • 1x AL-6 Pelican drone;
    • 1x AR-2 Darter drone;
    • Several civilian pick-up trucks and unarmed UAZ's.


    • General-purpose short range frequency: 169
    • Air element long-range frequency: 69


    Dress code/Gear guidelines:

    Camo patterns: PMC = Wear and use whatever the heck you feel like it



    A US Recon team went dark a few hours after setting up their patrol base on the central-western mountain ranges in Takistan. Their objective was to gather intel on insurgent activities in Feruz Abad and Falar villages and surrounding settlements. The recon team hasn't contacted their command for the past 12 hours.


    Our objective is to locate and extract all seven members of that recon team and extract them.


    Intel provided to us is the general area of their patrol base (OBJ CAMPING) and that one of their priority targets was a small unnamed settlement West of Feruz Abad (POI VOYEUR). Those two areas are our starting points. We are deploying from FOB HOUND DOG on the Airfield in the Southeast area of Takistan.


    Primary Objectives:

    • Locate and extract all seven members of the lost recon team.



    Map of the AO



    Detail of POI VOYEUR and OBJ Camping on the surroundings of Feruz Abad


    Rules of Engagement (RoE):

    Initially, the team is on weapons hold.

    If engaged, you are allowed to return immediate and effective fire to stop the hostile act promptly.

    There is confirmed civilian presence in the region, so positive identification of targets before engaging is essential.

    • Edited by CPL C.Moalli


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