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  • WARNORD Fun Op 11 FEB 22

    WARNORD Fun Op 11FEB22

    Mission: Sampo


    Three decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a new generation of youth have begun advocating for a renewal of the Soviet political framework in Eastern Europe. Frustrated with the market-based economic policies of the West and Russia, and the plight of the poor and unemployed, activists are working to establish soviets and challenge the powers that be in their countries. Bolstered by donations from supporters in North America, several factions have emerged from within the movement.
    One group in particular has repeatedly made the news in Finland. Calling itself the Karelian National Front, this faction has grown increasingly militant in recent months. Although little is known about the group and its leaders, members have flooded the Internet with communist literature and propaganda. Local civilians have rumored that the KNF is responsible for an attack on a state policeman who was badly beaten while on patrol last month.
    Sympathetic to the cause, and eager to help change the political landscape in eastern Finland, you have joined the KNF. Pledging to give everything to achieve the liberation of the working classes, you have been assigned to a sleeper cell and await further orders.
    2. MISSION

    It is time for revolution. Maintain cover as civilian hunters during movements. Ambush a Finnish Defense Forces supply convoy and obtain as many weapons and ammunition as possible. Once properly supplied, conduct a raid on the FDF positions near the Russian border. Destroy the enemy communications post and seize materiel from the adjacent supply depot. Return to base with captured weapons and equipment.



            1. Cell Myyrä, Karelian National Front


            1. Civilian Hunting Weapons and Equipment


            1. Civilian Vehicles
         2. Smuggled Russian Weapons

        (d) TIME SCHEDULE

            1. Step Brief 1845
            2. Oscar Mike 1900


        (a) Special Equipment - Use for Operations

    5. INTEL

        (a) Map of the AO



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