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  • WARNORD Fun Op 25 FEB 22 - Operation "Madar-i-Al"

    Op time: 1900 EST

    Theme: PMC in the Middle East

    Time: Nighttime

    Extra gear:

    • Body bags;
    • Cable ties;
    • Suppressors;
    • Night vision equipment (NVG and laser devices) and compatible optics. 

    OPFOR: Middle Eastern militia


    • Several civilian trucks and vans;
    • Two civilian grade drones.


    • General-purpose short-range frequency: 100


    Dress code/Gear guidelines:

    Camo patterns: PMC = Wear and use whatever the heck you feel like it;

    Weapons: Favor weapon systems chambered in calibers utilized by the host nation: 7.62x39mm and 5.45x39mm (several AK variants and vz. 58 and RPK); 7.62x54mmR (SVD/Dragunov, PKP and PKM); 7.62x25mm (Tokarev TT); 9x18mm (Makarov PM) and 9x19mm.



    "All right, gentlemen! Shit's going down tonight. Here's the deal: The advanced payment for this job is already in the bank, and I got green lights from the main office. As we all should be familiar by now, the local government is on its last legs, and everyone and their goddamn dogs know it too, including the militias, freedom fighters, mujahedeen, or whatever they call themselves.

    Our employer gathers whatever he can find from his 'regular' army in the northern region, including that small military base we got on our maps. The militias, sniffing the blood, gathered around said military base to either cut it off or do a massive offensive soon. Meanwhile, the 'thinking heads' and militia leaders will hold several high-profile meetings around Zargabad tonight.

    Our job is so simple that even a group of Marines without a grown-up to supervise them could understand and accomplish the mission: Go to those 6 HIT locations and kill everything in there. Everything.


    We good? Let's go then!"


    Primary Objectives:

    • Sterilization of all Hit zones.


    Rules of Engagement (RoE):

    While on movement - Weapons hold. Forces friendly to our client are undiscernible from opposing parties. Clear to engage if fired upon;


    On OBJ's and its surroundings - Weapons free. No discrimination.



    Overall view of the AO (missing HIT 2 further North)



    Detail of the northen sector of the AO (including HIT 2)



    Detail of the central and southern sectors of the AO

    • Edited by SGT C.Moalli


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