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  • WARNORD Fun Op 05/20/2022 - Iron Front

    Before the WARNORD itself, a quick info for those that haven't noticed it or heard about it yet.
    GS4 is now configured to run the WW2 Mod Iron Front, now obviously that means you'll have to install the mods that are listed in this COE Request. But apart from that, the fun op will run normally on our Public Server.
    So in a recap, all you need to do is to download the 12GB-ish modlist linked above.

    Since Crawford is crying in my ear, here is the direct link to the two WW2 mods.
    One and Two

    Now to the mission.


     It has been a few months since Deutsches Afrika Korps captured and secured Tobruk along with it's valuable airfield, ever since then the Germans and Italians have enjoyed air dominance along with good supply from the captured British Supply Depots in and around Tobruk.
    The newly formed SAS performed raids deep into enemy territory targetting vital fuel depots and disrupting supply lines with success that was paramount in deminishing Axis morale and combat capability.
    Due to an Offensive planned in the near future by the British High Command, the number of SAS raids have been greatly increased.

    2. MISSION
     You are tasked with destroying enemy Fuel Depots, Repair Stations, raid enemy Combat Outposts capturing any intelligence found regarding Axis troop displacement, in multiple locations around Tobruk. If the situation permits, you are to assault an Airfield overlooked by Fort Marcuca and render the Airfield unusuable for the forseeable future.

    More Targets of Oppoturnity might be marked during the mission if any actionable intel is found.

                1. Special Air Service
           (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT
                1. Standard UK Commando Equipment
                1. 2x Willys MB
                2. 1x Captured German Kubelwagen
        (d) TIME SCHEDULE
                1. STEP BRIEF - 1745
                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1800

    5. INTEL
        (a) Map of the AO

      (b) Enemy Forces
    Intel suggests that a unknown part of the German 90th Leichte Afrika Division is being resupplied in Tobruk itself, which can be raised to conduct Patrols around Tobruk at any time, earlier recon has reported that there hasn't been an increase of enemy Patrols.
    Earlier recon also suggests that the Garrison around Tobruk is adequate, with frequent patrols along the roads, and few foot patrols in the desert.

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      date was wrong duh

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