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  • WARNORD Fun Op 22 DEC 23


    Mission: Slay Ride

    1. Situation

    Technical Mediation Group, Inc. (TMG), a private military company, has taken a job in Haiti to secure humanitarian aid materials. Working with officials from the World Food Programme and Toys for Tots, contractors will secure donated items during loading, transport, and unloading for further transportation across the country. This includes food, medicine, and Christmas gifts for impoverished families.

    The situation in Haiti is dire with widespread lawlessness, hunger, disease, and disruption of public services. A large number of national and local police officers have defected to gangs that are vying for power in armed conflict. Two of the largest gangs in-country are G9 and its rival G-Pep, which have both affiliated with smaller gangs in order to consolidate power. A small but independent gang called Baz Galil controls much of Gonave Island, where TMG has been assigned.

    In addition, local anti-gang militia, known as bwa kale, operate in some areas of the country, attacking gang members in an attempt to stem the lawlessness. Unpredictable by nature, these militia pose another potential threat to our mission.

    2. Mission

    TMG is tasked with 1) securing and loading aid materials at the port of Lapangan Futsal Central, 2) transporting the aid to the UN Warehouse where additional aid is to be loaded, and 3) then delivering the aid to the UN logistics center at Selatan Airbase for for further transport via helicopter to cities in need.

    It is imperative that we do not engage national and local police, local militia, and civilians. ROE: Armed military-age male who demonstrates hostile intent and aims his weapon at you. Warning shots on vehicles at 100 m (No IEDs are expected). No collateral damage will be tolerated by the clients. Haiti is a dangerous place, but it is not the sandbox. Check all targets!

    3. General Instructions



     1. OFFROAD x 3
     2. HMMWV (M2) x 1
     3. KAMAZ x 2

     1. STEP BRIEF - 1745 EST
     2. OSCAR MIKE - 1800 EST

    4. Special Instructions

    (A) HMMWV (M2): For security of materials and personnel against hostile targets.

    (B) KAMAZ: For transport of aid materials.

    5. Intel


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