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  • WARNORD Fun Op 30 DEC 23


    Mission: Gift Return

    Start: 1500 EST
    End: 1730 EST

    1. Situation

    Following last week’s rescue of Santa Claus, the jolly old elf wants payback from the Chedaki units who helped his rebellious elves. Recruiting Soldiers on Exodus for a special mission in support of the general CDF counteroffensive, Santa has formed several 3rdID teams to raid key enemy facilities and personnel.

    We will begin our mission at nighttime in order to utilize darkness for concealment, with 2 hours to complete our objectives. The Chernarussian counteroffensive will begin at dawn. Combat meteorologists are forecasting a massive blizzard in the morning.

    2. Mission

    Teams are ordered to conduct a series of raids 1) to diminish Chedaki command, communications, and tactical capabilities prior to the CDF counteroffensive and 2) to create a diversion in order to confuse the enemy with regard to BLUFOR positions and intention.

    The 5 raid targets are:

    (a) OBJ Aftershock - Electrical substation supplying power to key military targets in Solnichny. Lightly defended, but close to larger enemy elements in the city.

    (b) OBJ Burning Man - Radio repeater providing military communications between enemy forces in eastern and central Chernarus. Partially exposed mountaintop.

    (c) OBJ Candlestick - Enemy weapons cache. On the edge of a farming village.

    (d) OBJ Doomhammer - Home of Chedaki MAJ Roman Malyukov, Commander, 4th Separate Tank Battalion, 39th Mechanized Brigade; Malyukov is our HVT and must be killed in order to disrupt enemy defensive operations during the CDF counteroffensive. Located on a large farm.

    (e) OBJ Equalizer - Radio repeater providing military communications between central and western Chernarus. This must be destroyed prior to the dawn counteroffensive. Close to the front lines south of the CDF airbase.

    3. General Instructions

      1. ALPHA TEAM
      2. BRAVO TEAM


     1. HMMWV (M2) x 3
     2. HMMWV (Mk19) x 3
     3. M1078 x 3

    4. Special Instructions

    (a) HMMWV (M2/Mk19): For transport and security.

    (b) M1078: For transport.

    5. Coordination

    (a) COMMAND NET: 100

    6. Intel

    (a) Map of the AO:


    (b) HVT MAJ Roman Malyukov (center)



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