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    • Reactivation of Phoenix Squad



      With the 3rd ID’s recent growth of new Soldiers in our ranks, Major John LaFlash has ordered the reactivation of 4th Squad Phoenix. Phoenix carries with it experienced leadership and some new up and coming leaders in the platoon. I recently interviewed the leadership of 4th Squad Phoenix and here is what they had to say…

      Sergeant Giancarlo Tucci, Squad Leader:

      Question - What are your thoughts about Phoenix as a whole and how will you overcome the challenges ahead?

      I think Phoenix is going to be a great addition to the platoon but it doesn't come without a challenge for me. Even though I have been a squad leader in the past, almost all of my time with the unit has been spent inside a weapons squad rather than a rifle squad. There's going to be things that I'll have to do differently from now on and I'm excited for the change of scenery!

      Specialist Arthur Pendergast, Squad Medic:

      Question - I understand you were in Spartans with SGT G.Tucci before being reassigned. How do you feel working with SGT Tucci in a newly formed squad?

      Yes, SGT G.Tucci was my Fireteam leader in Spartans, and I can say that he is a very good leader, you can tell that he's used to do it and got the experience. I think Tucci will make an excellent work of bringing all the reassigned and new soldiers, and hopefully create a proper fourth squad Esprit de corps, like the other squad already have. Surely he will have a lot of work in the next few weeks, but I'll try my best to help him, because he sure is a valuable asset to the unit, and to the fourth squad. In short, I am really eager to work with SGT G. Tucci in making Phoenix squad a proficient combat unit.

      Specialist Emil Poltorak, Alpha Team Leader:

      Question - How do you feel being tasked with Fireteam Leader being somewhat new to the 3rd ID?

      It's a very unique experience, if not a little bit scary as now I have soldiers who look up to me to lead them, but I had very good guidance from SGT K.Grigorov and SPC T.Worrall during my time as FTL in Ghost Squad which taught me a lot in terms of leading a fireteam and I plan to keep improving my leadership skills.

      Private First Class Brandon Perez, Bravo Team Leader:

      Question - I see you were in the 3rd ID previously before returning and being tasked with Fireteam Leader. Do you feel you're up to the challenge of being a Fireteam Leader being so soon to renter the 3rd ID?

      Being so quickly promoted to a Fireteam Leader surprised me as well, but I was recommended the position by my Squad Leader at the time, as he saw in me something he appreciated. As you mentioned, I do have previous experience in the 3rd ID and the highest rank I had received was CPL, so I do have prior experience leading fireteams. Right now I have had no complaints from anyone, so as long as I am more useful in my current capacity than I would be in another position, I will take on the challenge. I am both proud and humbled to be the only PFC in Widowmakers that currently leads a fireteam.

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    It has been spectacular to witness Widowmakers grow to these proportions. First 3rd squad and now 4th squad re-opening is a testament to the quality of our junior leadership. As PSG I am extremely proud and I'm very hopeful towards our future.

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