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  • WARNORD Fun Op 22 MAY 20

    WARNORD 22 MAY 20




    After raiding and killing Gul Mohammed at his compound near Chaman, Knights PLT located intel detailing affiliated Taliban forces in the district. As demonstrated after RTB, local warlords maintain insurgent QRFs prepared to counter US forces effectively. After spending the past week rebuilding the COP, Command has ordered a new offensive operation to counter this threat.


    HQ confirms that despite its quiet appearance, Bastam is the center of Taliban operations in Takistan. Furthermore, Mahdi Azfaar, imam of Bastam’s Grand Mosque, is reportedly a Taliban operative who shelters and equips insurgents within the mosque compound. He must be taken into custody for questioning.


    2. MISSION


    First PLT is ordered to move to Bastam to secure the Grand Mosque and capture Azfaar. Take all men found within the mosque into custody for questioning by EPW. Seize and destroy any enemy equipment and other contraband. Speed and precision are key to completing this mission successfully.






                1. 1st PLT “Knights”, A CO, 69th Infantry Division


           (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT


                1. Standard US Army Equipment




                1. 2x HMMWV (M2)

                2. 2x HMMWV (Mk 19)

                3. 1x HMMWV (Unarmed)


        (d) TIME SCHEDULE


                1. STEP BRIEF - 1845

                2. OSCAR MIKE - 1900




            (a) 2x HMMWV (M2) - Transport/Security

            (b) 2x HMMWV (Mk 19) - Transport/Security

            (c) 1x HMMWV (Unarmed) - Transport


    5. INTEL 

        (a) Map of AO



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    Got some intel from higher up...


    Photo of HVT Mahdi Azfaar speaking to Taliban militiamen shortly after the US invasion of Afghanistan.

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    Great time!  Those that missed out can catch up here!  Just a few high pitched screams from me  ? 


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