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  • One Word Story

    Here’s the story ladies and gentlemen, which you wrote using one worded sentences. Slight adjustments have been made to literally just make sense but enjoy!


    Once there was 197 bananas in a truck in Africa that drove up MSR-8 while fighting for the Liberation of France, during the Third World Orders. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties our M249 didn’t jam, but instead exploded after Moalli didn’t take such good care of his loadout.

    Then an apple man came trying to help with the world peace, but his apples were actually really AK-47’s. Long story short M4’s suck because of K-Pop song lyrics and other type B-positive blood… Which in fact turns out it’s not really tasty. Cheeseburgers with bacon and cheezies taste like ketchup on window cleaner. Then Liwa nether the less tried kissing some German like Natalie Portman before putting Jar Jar Binks in peril while crying urine which is pretty damned weird.”

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