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  • The Enlistment Process


    Below you will find information about our enlistment process!  

    Initial Enlistment
    So you've put in your application. Now what?

    Firstly, if you haven't already met with a recruiter on Discord or Teamspeak then do so at your earliest convenience. You will want to create a support ticket on discord and our recruiting team will respond promptly. They will be able to advise you further on your application status and help you correct any information that is outstanding so that you get reviewed promptly.

    Once reviewed, your application will either:

    • Approved pending a New Soldier Orientation (NSO)
    • Denied
    • Placed on Hold with further instruction

    If approved, you're on your way to being a Private Trainee or Recruit. You'll be assigned to a combat squad and be given who your Squad Leader is to contact.  Skip to the OSUT Section. Otherwise, carry on reading.

    Responses normally contain exactly what is required from you to complete your application. Meet with a recruiter on Teamspeak to move to the next steps. 

    Denials can be automatic or declared. Automatic denials are dealt with via our automated system, due to a failure to meet any entry requirements we put in place at the time such as:

    • A Steam VAC Ban within 365 days of enlistment
    • Underage
    • Unable to make unit times 
      • Mandatory times are Saturdays @ 1500EST  and Sunday @ 1500EST.
        • If you cant make these two times 60% of the time you will not be accepted into our unit.

    Declared denials are a little different. This means a human, such as a senior recruiter of the Recruiting & Retention Office, has reviewed your information and has decided not to accept you into the unit. This could be for many reasons, as such you should contact a recruiter if you have any concerns as to why your application was denied.


    So you've previously joined the 3rd Infantry Division and at some point or another but unfortunately had to leave, whether that be by requesting a discharge or you were given a discharge due to disciplinary action (IE: AWOL).   Pending what grade of a discharge you received at that time, plays a role in what rank/position you'd be able to return in.  Check out our Unit Policies - Discharging to see what you may qualify for.  

    Upon submission of your new enlistment application, a Recruiter will place your application on hold pending a review of prior service. A commissioned officer will review your file and approve reenlistment at a given grade rank.  Once approved, a Master Recruiter will be able to conduct your New Soldier Orientation (NSO) and process you back into the unit with the provided approved rank.  Ever reenlistment is a case-by-case scenario and some may have to complete OSUT again.  

    OSUT (One Station Unit Training) aka Basic Training
    In OSUT essentially after you sign up for a scheduled course HERE (You'd only have access to view after you are processed into the unit via NSO) You'll have 30 days to complete your OSUT training. Upon completion, you'll be promoted to Private Second Class or Private First Class (Pending how well you do in OSUT) and you'll be able to continue with your career through achieving promotions. Check out our RANKS page to see what you need for your next promotion!


    Further informational area

    Your Enlistment Application is pending or do you need some guidance?  Check out other areas to gain further information about our unit


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