• Memorial Day 2020


    The Third Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit places itself within the US Army's Third Infantry Division's Command Structure. Although we are a gaming unit, we realize that we wear the patch and use the name of a great real-world unit. We try to honor the 3rd Infantry Division in all that we do.

    At Fort Stewart, Georgia, exists the "Warrior's Walk." It is a walkway dedicated to the soldiers and attached units of the 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, and Hunter Army Airfield who gave their lives while serving in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. At this walkway, visitors remember the courageous soldiers who demonstrated exceptional valor, honor, and respect for their Army, their country, and their belief in their cause during these Operations. As of February 2019 there are 469 heroic soldiers honored at the Warrior's Walk.

    In an effort to honor these Soldiers in our own way, we have created the Warrior's Wall here. We also have created our own in-game versions of the Warrior's Walk, within the game's limitations, on our Basic Training Maps. When we wear this patch, when we use this name, we remember those warriors who gave their lives in support of the same.


    Fort Stewart, Georgia

    Arma 3
    Check out our Warrior Wall for those who gave their lives for their country. 

  • 3rd ID safely welcomes first-term Soldiers


    Photos by Sgt. Arjenis Nunez
    Soldiers arriving from advanced individual training at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., are guided toward their next in-processing check-point at the Truscott Air Terminal on Hunter Army Airfield May 13.

    3rd ID safely welcomes first-term Soldiers

    In spite of logistic difficulties due to COVID-19, the Marne Reception Center on Fort Stewart has continued to receive incoming Soldiers from advanced individual training.
    The MRC, also known by its moniker, Gateway to the Rock, helps Soldiers in process the Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield community.

    The MRC’s senior enlisted leader, 1st Sgt. Tara Charles, said her staff has maintained operations by taking precautions in accordance with COVID-19 risk mitigation guidelines, but the process for the MRC remains much the same.

    “The first step in the process is that the Soldiers’ AITs contact us and tell us where they’re coming from, how they’re coming and when,” Charles said.
    Soldiers arriving from far-away locations travel by air, like those who recently arrived from Fort Huachuca, Arizona, on May 13. The Soldiers arrived by aircraft to Truscott Air Terminal at Hunter, and were then brought to the MRC on Fort Stewart by bus.

    Other Soldiers who arrive from regionally-close locations travel to the MRC by bus, like the recent group of Soldiers from Fort Gordon who arrived on May 15.
    Spc. Jake Heald, a Soldier assigned to MRC, said precautions are taken throughout the transition period, and that the new Soldiers had to be screened for COVID-19 before exiting the aircraft and bus.

    “Soldiers are quarantined for 14 days prior to arriving, so they arrive on a ‘clean’ flight,” Heald said.

    According to leaders at the MRC, Soldiers who don’t arrive on clean flights are quarantined in the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team’s logistics support area for 14 days.
    Soldiers who already endured 14 days of quarantine and passed COVID-19 symptoms screening checks at the MRC download their bags from the bus and have their orders and leave forms checked. The next step is issuing the Soldiers a barracks room and providing briefs on the procedures of in-processing.
    Charles said that due to the COVID-19 response the length of stay at the MRC for in-processing has been reduced from seven days to four days, so Soldiers can be shipped to their units quicker.

    Soldiers have their finances processed on the first day, their medical and dental records updated on the second day, and they are issued equipment by the Central Issue Facility on the third day. The fourth day is when Soldiers are shipped to their units. Throughout the process, the MRC staff ensures Soldiers maintain social distancing and are advised on  travel restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19.

    According to Charles, the MRC goes a step beyond expectations at times, because it is prepared to help incoming Soldiers who have special needs, such as providing housing for a Soldier and their Family who may be struggling with financial issues. She said this helps ease the burden for Soldiers as they make their transition to becoming a Dogface Soldier.

    In addition to responding to COVID-19, Soldiers assigned to the MRC have demonstrated their ability to adapt to change as the unit has conducted a command structure change earlier this year when it transitioned from under the 3rd Infantry Division’s Special Troops Battalion to under the command of 3rd ID’s Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion.

    In addition to the organizational change, the command team at the MRC is new as well, with Charles and the MRC’s new commander, Capt. Calvin Fortune, recently taking over from the outgoing command team, Capt. David Downing and 1st Sgt. Gene Fisher.

    Many Soldiers agree that it is the Soldiers to their left and right who help when response, transition and change need to occur.

    “I figured things would be rushed and that COVID may change some things,” said Pvt. Curtis Brooks, an in-processing Soldier  newly assigned to 3rd ID. “But having friends in the Military helped ease some of the anxiety and manage my expectations a bit.”







    Photo by Sgt. Andrew McNeil

    The 3rd Infantry Division's Commander Maj. General Tony Aguto, and Senior Enlisted Advisor Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Coffey, render salutes during a virtual Memorial Day ceremony May 15, 2020 on Fort Stewart.

    3rd ID to broadcast virtual Memorial Day Observance

    Traditionally, 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers support numerous Memorial Day observances throughout Coastal Georgia. Due to the current risk of COVID-19, events have been canceled or modified. For this reason, 3ID has decided to conduct a virtual Memorial Day observance which will air on the division’s Facebook page, as well as the Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield Facebook page, at 10 a.m. Monday.

    “Maj. Gen. (Tony) Aguto, since we were not able to support community Memorial Day observances, wanted to acknowledge them and provide a virtual event,” said Dina McKain, Fort Stewart Public Affairs community relations specialist involved with planning the event.

    Planning kicked off with working groups comprised of representatives from division staff, Garrison Public Affairs, Protocol, the 3rd ID Band and the color guard.
    “Everyone was on board from the moment it was mentioned,” McKain said.

    The setting of this year’s virtual Memorial Day observance is the Fort Stewart Warriors Walk, hallowed grounds lined with 469 white crape myrtle trees flanking the installation’s Cottrell Field. Each tree stands as a living memorial to a Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield-based Soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in Operations Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom.

    The virtual observance includes traditional Memorial Day features to include solemn speeches, 3rd ID Honor Guard, a 21-Gun Salute, music by the 3ID Band and the playing of “Taps.”

    Overall production of the virtual event was led by Lt. Col. Patrick Husted, 3rd ID Public Affairs officer, Staff Sgt. Dean Gannon, 3rd ID Public Affairs, and their team of videographers who choreographed the recording from various angles, and edited the final product.
    Spc. Arrianna Auvaa, a member of the 3rd ID Protocol section who serves as the “Voice of the Marne,” was one of several from her team that managed the logistics of making the virtual Memorial Day event possible.

    “A lot of detailed planning, close attention to detail, and a lot of teamwork went into this,” Auvaa said.

    Auvaa, a Protocol team member for nearly one year, said it was an honor for her to have been involved with this year’s unique Memorial Day event.

    “Due to the current situation, going virtual is the best way to honor our fallen heroes,” Auvaa said. “We now live in a time in which we cannot physically be together, but it is important for us to remember that, through technology, we have ways to still come together and unite.”







    Photos by Pat Young
    Ashley Barclay, American Red Cross, collects a blood donation from Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas Weaver, 188th Infantry Brigade, May 4 at the Main Post Chapel on Fort Stewart. Their intent was to gather between 25 and 30 pints of blood. Their upcoming events include May 27 to honor fallen heroes and July 1 on post.

    Soldiers, spouses donate to save lives during blood drive

    Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas Weaver, 188th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, and his wife, Jessie, started their morning May 4 by helping save lives, as they participated in the American Red Cross Blood Drive at Fort Stewart’s Main Post Chapel.
    Red Cross event coordinator Cindy Bauer said the need for blood continued, though the coronavirus has greatly impacted the process.
    She said the Red Cross has had to make adjustments for social distancing, increased screening and sanitation.   She said it would most likely become the new normal, but said that was okay, because every donation counted. 
    So arriving at the chapel, the Weavers were greeted outside by a Soldier who checked their status as the first of twenty-five scheduled appointments for the day. 
    They were then escorted to the first screening station where their temperatures were checked by Capt. Richard Rivers, the Soldier Recovery Unit Chaplain. 
    Nicholas, a frequent donor, who is a medic by trade, said he understands the precautions, but also believes in the cause. He said his wife was relatively new it; but noted after she donated the first time she learned how easy it was – and has become a regular, too.
    Katherine Morgan, whose husband is 1st Lt. Evan Morgan with the 83rd Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Battalion, was also on hand to donate for a like reason.
    “I’m a high school nurse, so I continue to donate - it helps saves lives,” Morgan said.  “And the people here are very professional.”
    After the donors finished a second screening and donated blood, they were provided refreshments by a couple of two-week newlyweds who volunteered to help out at the Fort Stewart blood drive – Pvt. Justin Quinones from the Puerto Rico National Guard and his wife Sofia, who was a chaplain’s assistant at the Chapel. 
    “It is good to help people,” Justin said.  His wife agreed but put an added value to it.
    “It is also good to see people coming out during this crisis, coming together and helping each other,” Sofia said.
    Bauer said the American Red Cross planned on having two more events on Fort Stewart in the near future – one in honor of fallen heroes on May 27 and another on July 1.
    To learn about the process or to make an appointment, visit

  • Alpha Company Award Ceremony - 03MAY2020


    The Alpha Company awards ceremony is a special occasion once a month to allow the unit commander to honor recipients who have been recognized for their accomplishments while assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Gaming Unit.

    This month, Major John LaFlash held a ceremony to recognize...


    The following soldiers were promoted to:



    E-3 Private First Class

    Eric Abel

    Adi Bar

    Jacob Frost

    Filippo Monte

    Dominik Toplak



    E-4B Specialist

    Yarden Nissan

    Alex Barsan



    E-4A Corporal

    Christoph Brock



    E-5 Warrant Officer Candidate

     Ryan Stricklin


    The following awards have been awarded to:



    Non-Commissioned Officer Development Ribbon, NCODEV







    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, MOVSM

    Major John LaFlash (With V Devise)






    Good Conduct Medal, GCM

    Chief Warrant Office 3 Quincy Morton

    Warrant Officer 1 Curtis Brennan

    First Sergeant Patrick Conlisk

    Warrant Officer Candidate Ryan Stricklin



    Army Achievement Medal, AAM

    Private First Class Eric Hasenauer



    Joint Service Achievement Medal, JSAM

    First Sergeant Patrick Conlisk

    Corporal Maarten Gregoire

    Corporal Jonathan Pacheco



    Army Commendation Medal, ACM

    Staff Sergeant Bailey Lambert (With V Device)

    Warrant Officer Candidate Garry Beaudoin (With V Device)

    Warrant Officer Candidate Ryan Stricklin (With V Device)

    Corporal Christoph Brock

    Corporal Maarten Gregoire



    Joint Service Commendation Medal, JSCM

    Staff Sergeant Bailey Lambert



    Purple Heart




    Bronze Star



    The following badges and insignia were awarded to:


    Army Aviation Basic Crewmember Badge

    Warrant Officer 1 Curtis Brennan

    Warrant Officer Candidate Garry Beaudoin

    Warrant Officer Candidate Ryan Stricklin



    Combat Infantry Badge (Stage 1)

    Private First Class Eric Abel

    Private First Class Dominik Toplak

    Private Second Class Kit Ohnira

    Private Second Class Will Smith



    Combat Action Badge

    Warrant Officer 1 Curtis Brennan

    Warrant Officer Candidate Ryan Stricklin



    French Fourragere Cord

    Chief Warrant Officer 3 Quincy Morton